A thought about b2b positioning in the digital era

Is there a single lesson to be learned from today’s digital communication in b2b markets, a kind of common denominator? We think yes, there is one.

With potential touch points developing exponentially, with new offerings popping up any time, with fierce competition locally and globally, with broadening audiences and services, with information overflow looming everywhere, there is a clear need to refine our stance. The positioning from the past won’t work for the future. It shall be narrowed, strengthened, clarified and perfected to fit the digital age. There is no more room for the vague, the general and the soft. We have to stand out and therefore we have to focus.

Digital communication has many facets, and these are bound to change frequently. But before running after the latest trends, let’s foster the fundamentals that make a lasting difference: our brand platform, our value proposition, our offering, our USP. They need to become much sharper today than they used to be, whatever digital channels we are going to use.

Agence de communication B2B

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bb&b - Siège Social
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