TOUCH & SELL: The mobile app for your sales pitch

bb&b launches its digital solution dedicated to b2b sales presentations: “Touch & Sell” is a mobile sales enablement tool which facilitates presentations and diffusion of contents. Entirely modular and customizable, allways up to date, “Touch & Sell” concentrates all your marketing assets for an efficient sales call.

 What is Touch & Sell ?

> Touch & Sell is a mobile sales enablement tool facilitating client presentations.
> Touch & Sell makes all relevant sales tools available on each sales rep’s tablet, anytime, anywhere, online and offline.
> Touch & Sell is managed through a central back office, enabling swift updating and detailed usage statistics.
> Touch & Sell offers bidirectional communication between the field and the head-office.

Why choose Touch & Sell ?

> Homogeneous and always up-to-date sales collaterals.
> Easy and quick access to all documents during sales pitches.
> Conveys a modern image of your company.
> Easy integration of all your existing assets.
> Scalable content according to your company’s needs.
> Autonomous management of all marketing assets by the marketing team.
> Integration of calculators, simulators, configurators etc.
> Statistics of actual document use
> Swift implementation.


How does Touch & Sell work?

> Compatible with all tablet standards (IOS, Android, Windows).
> Available also on smartphones
> Reads all type of documents (PDF, PowerPoint, Photo, Vidéo, HTML, 3D…).
> Works offline (at customers) and online (back-office synchronization).
> Data storage on dedicated and secured server (ANSSI-certified).

What are the benefits?

> Interactive and tactile presentation.
> Easy connection to large screens and beamers.
> Combination of print, multimédia and 3D files.
> Integration of interactive modules (forms, configurators, calculators).
> Assets are monitored and updated from a central back office.
> Detailed utilization stats facilitate sales coordination.
> Bi-directional communication between sales and marketing.
> Consistent, effective and innovative brand communication across the board.


What’ the cost?

> The set-up cost includes development, integration, training and graphics design.
> This is a one-shot cost. Once the app has been deployed, your marketing team will manage the app autonomously.
> The Touch & Sell licence costs 30€ per seat and per month; pretty much the same cost as a sales rep lunch in a restaurant.

What are the next steps?

> Creation of a mock-up (optional) to help generate buy-in from management and sales.
> Test (optional) of mock-up by your team for a limited period.
> Deployment, training and content integration.

More options…

> Tablet supply.
> Tablet configuration according to your IT specs, maintenance and hotline.
> 24h-swap in case of breakage of hardware.



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