The team

BB&B - Agence de communication B2B

Who are we ?

bb&b is an agency that has been created based on industrial experience. Mark Diran Boehm, manager and owner of bb&b: “understanding products and markets is our strength – from this we derive concepts for an efficient target approach. With our international team, we develop since many years exceptional solutions for the challenging tasks of our clients. With highest demands and engagement. See for yourself!

bb&b exists since 2002 and is named after its three founding members, Boehm, Bourzicot and Ballatour.

Our difference

We are experienced in b2b communications and industrial marketing. We have an international team with competences in science and technology. Based on our strong foundations, we develop powerful strategies for innovative markets, enhancing your international competitiveness.

Our Principles

Our partners

Common values

bb&b relies on a network of partners who share common values and offer complementary skills, with the same standards for efficiency, service and sustained success.

  • bb&b partenaires - Starting France

    Starting France

    Starting France specializes in business development and sales support as well as research of partners, end customers and prospects in France and Germany.
    Jerome Nicolet and Starting France are your high-tech sales engineers on both sides of the Rhine.


  • bb&b partenaires - Caupenne&Co


    Good translations are a cornerstone for international success.
    Caupenne & Co supplies translation and interpreting services in all possible language combinations and various subjects (technical, scientific, legal, administrative and financial documents but also business communications).
    Leylak de Caupenne and her team stand for reliable results in demanding markets.


  • bb&b partenaires - Zukunftswerk


    Zukunftswerk is a consulting company working on the principle of economic sustainability, helping its clients to create long-term success.
    Peter Friess and Alexander Rossner, founders of zukunftswerk, understand themselves as fellows and partners for companies that consider sustainability as a business opportunity and who strive to improve their management in this regard.


  • bb&b partenaires - Corinna Cremer Unternehmensberatung

    Corinna Cremer Unternehmensberatung

    Corinna Cremer & Team advises companies on sustainable development of human resources with emphasis on Critical Incident Stress Management and resilience. She also assists managers in the processes of change and during crisis situation through ‘executive coaching'.
    Her consulting approach combines intervention, development and prevention with the goal of a sustainable long-term success.


  • bb&b partenaires - E3 network

    E3 network

    E3 is an international community of independent b2b agencies. The network stretches throughout the world, from Helsinki to Melbourne and from Boston to Seoul.
    All members of E3, such as bb&b, are owner-driven and therefore stand for engagement, result-orientation and independence.


  • bb&b partenaires - Pégase Croissance

    Pégase Croissance

    Pégase Croissance is a business booster for promising start-up companies from the aerospace industry. It offers them help and support in their growth initiatives as well as managerial, financial, industrial and commercial development.


  • bb&b partenaires - Bavairia


    The public organisation ‘bavAIRia e. V.’ was entrusted by the Bavarian state government with the management of the Aerospace cluster. Its role is to pinpoint Bavarian expertise in aviation, aerospace and aerospace applications and to intensify the networking between expert companies. The goal is thus to preserve and increase the global competitiveness of these sectors. BavAIRia’s members and actors represent the entire Bavarian industrial and research landscape.


  • bb&b partenaires - HubSpot


    HubSpot is the reference technology platform for Inbound Marketing solutions. As a HubSpot partner, bb&b will assist you in setting up Inbound Marketing in your company. Please see our related product page or contact us to learn more.


  • bb&b partenaires - bplus


    bplus is an independent consulting firm that helps managers of mid-sized industrial companies make the right choices at the right time. Their team of international consultants has extensive industry experience and, based on sound analysis, provides strategic vision and pragmatic advice in the areas of sales, marketing and human resources.


Agence de communication B2B

+33 1 40 33 79 41
bb&b - Headquarters
Communication and Industrial Marketing

22, rue Soleillet
F-75020 Paris

+49 162 59 95 280
bb&b – Munich office Communication and Industrial Marketing Corinna Cremer Adams-Lehmann-Str. 56 D-80797 München

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