Chaffoteaux : New brand launch

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Design rules

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Image bank

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Chaffoteaux catalogue


Chaffoteaux catalogue

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Chaffoteaux brochure

Chaffoteaux brochure

Chaffoteaux brochure

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New brand launch

Chaffoteaux, formerly Chaffoteaux & Maury, was confronted with problems of quality, reliability and brand image. Following its acquisition by the Italian group MTS (today Ariston Thermo Group), Management took the decision to reposition the brand in the competitive market. The objective: become the preferred brand of professionals. Now firmly oriented to the concept of the installer as the main referrer, the communication campaign had to express the simplicity, clarity, proximity and the reliability of an attentive brand. This ambitious, strategic manœuvre was accompanied by the full renewal of product ranges, a reworking of the industrial production resources and the launch of a range of eco-products.
The operational deployment of this new positioning was developed by a London-based outfit before being entrusted to bb&b in 2007. We created the image bank, the corporate style guide, performed a complete review of sales tools, designed the first general brand catalogue, ensured internal communications and provided assistance to subsidiaries.





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