Our ambition is to look behind and beyond standards and conventions. We strive to make an honest contribution to our profession… by thinking differently. From time to time we therefore publish thoughts highlighting a topic that we feel is worth it.

…works best both ways.

We will appreciate your feedback on our thoughts!

A thought about “consistency” versus “wow” in b2b

When asked what he expects from our consultancy, a prospect responded: “just surprise me”. Well, after all we are a communication agency. And yes, isn’t surprise a legitimate surrogate of advertising? But the fact is that in b2b communications, the short-term wow effect is no longer sufficient. Today, consistency is king...


A thought about the value of connections in b2b markets

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – in fact all social media - pretend to connect people. But of course, they just connect accounts. So, what is this worth? ...



Let’s share…

Let’s share some ideas about communication today. No, this is not one more of the many ’10 steps to more/less/better…’ guides, but just some reflections with regard to different themes we frequently encounter in our daily work for our industrial clients.

…our thoughts.

Do not hesitate to come back to us with your comments, questions or suggestions.

The power of photography

Whether it is a website, a brochure, an email, or a social media post, an image brings it to life. Evolution has trained us to swiftly decode and react to visual information.


A different view on content marketing

Content marketing as a component of inbound marketing strategies has become so pervasive these days that we really shouldn’t still be writing about them. But the more content is out there, the harder it gets to stand out. Read how to make a difference in a crowded space.


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