Unsere Gedanken

Ein Beitrag…

Uns interessieren die Ideen jenseits der ausgetretenen Pfade, denn wir wollen einen nachhaltigen Beitrag zu unserem Gewerbe leisten … jenseits von Konventionen und Trends. Deshalb schreiben wir hier von Zeit zu Zeit zu Themen, die uns wichtig erscheinen.

A thought about “consistency” versus “wow” in b2b

When asked what he expects from our consultancy, a prospect responded: “just surprise me”. Well, after all we are a communication agency. And yes, isn’t surprise a legitimate surrogate of advertising? But the fact is that in b2b communications, the short-term wow effect is no longer sufficient. Today, consistency is king...


A thought about the value of connections in b2b markets

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – in fact all social media - pretend to connect people. But of course, they just connect accounts. So, what is this worth? ...


Explanations wanted !

Why are populists progressing around the world? Why are 3-bullet-point lists the only argumentation that seems to work on the net? Are we falling back to middle age obscurantism, ignoring the complexity of the world that surrounds us? ...


AI is on

“Turn right, then keep left, follow the motorway for 9 kilometres…” We blindly execute the orders of the Google mastermind, with no clear idea where we actually are...


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