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Let’s share some ideas about communication today. No, this is not one more of the many ’10 steps to more/less/better …’ guides, but just some reflections with regard to different themes we frequently encounter in our daily work for our industrial clients.

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Digital transformation

The digital revolution is a doomsday for the unprepared, say the experts. Digital is coming to get you and if you don’t believe them, ask a taxi driver.


Communicating credibility

If you want to communicate, you have to inspire trust. But when everyone says they can be trusted, who do you believe?


Emotions and the industry

The world of industry is challenging. But why do B2B brands find it so hard to differentiate? Industry buzzwords and phrases sound all the same.


Value propositions in industrial b2b markets 3/3

Social media have become such a popular vector of communication because they rely on personal, trusted, relations between people.


Value propositions in industrial b2b markets 2/3

Individuals are more or less sensitive to specific motivators. For some people safety is key while others are driven by recognition or thriving innovation.


Value propositions in industrial b2b markets 1/3

Building powerful customer value propositions (CVP) is more demanding in industrial B2B markets than in B2C environments.


Employer branding

Psychosocial disorders are on the rise in many industries. So is the need for highly qualified people that remain hard to find – and to keep.


Communicating quality

To no surprise, quality is one of the words that comes up regularly with our clients. Quality is value, especially in industrial B2B environments.


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